Friday, April 29, 2011

Tough 11km Hilly Run

This morning we went out for a nice run in the pleasant morning weather.

We went out to Park Brittania. The trail there starts off flat, but quickly goes into a very steep, but not long, uphill. After that is a long downhill, which is great, except on the way back it meant it was a very long uphill.

Overall the run was great, albeit tough. I am still a bit out of shape from not having run much, except a couple of short runs, since the marathon in Tel Aviv 3 weeks ago and all the holiday food.

Wee finished the run at just under 11km.

and in other news, my new pair of Vibram TrekSport shoes have shipped. My nephew should be bringing them when he comes to visit in a couple of weeks. These should make running trails a little bit better.

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