Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pretty Good T-Shirt

One of the habits I have fallen into is that for the first run I go on after a marathon, or the first two or three even, I wear the "marathon shirt" on those runs. It almost feels like a victory lap, going out on a couple of 10km runs wearing the medal of honor of having finished the marathon.

This afternoon I went out for a 9.5km run. My first since the Tel Aviv Marathon on Friday. I have felt great all week, but it just has not worked out for me with the schedule to find running time. This afternoon I went out with my running partner for a short, easy-paced run. I wore my Tel Aviv Marathon t-shirt. It was actually a very good t-shirt. very high quality running shirt. I was very impressed. Sometimes they give out decent shirts, sometimes junky, but this was very good.

The run was great. Good to go out and stretch the legs, get the rhythm back, get the blood pumping. We went out on the 10 and then turned left at the end. We went up to the KKL sign and turned around. That way is uphill, so I said to my running partner that we are beginning our training for the 2012 Jerusalem Marathon...

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Michael said...

I hesitate to wear my Chicago Marathon tee-shirt because I did so poorly. I love the tee-shirt, but sometimes I feel I haven't earned it. I did finish the race but it was very challenging. M