Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Initial Review Of The New Vibram FiveFinger Treksport

I am very excited. I just received my new pair of Vibram FiveFinger Treksport Barefoot Outdoors Running Shoes.

Vibram FiveFinger Treksport
I tried them on and they feel great. The Treksport is very similar to the FiveFinger Bikila Running Shoes, but just a little bit different.

The main difference, which I plan to test out on my next trail run, is that the Treksport is built with a bit more protection on the parts of the foot that are more prone to injury and pain from the rocks of the trails.

Besides for that, the Treksport shoes are a bit more comfortable than the Bikila. The design of the shoe seems to be a better, more comfortable fit. Granted, so far I have only worn them for a few minutes, but this is my initial impression. The velcro strip is different, and better. The material seems a bit softer. The fit is a bit better.

Wait for my review after running in them on the trails. These are only my initial impressions. I am impressed.


Michael said...

Looking forward to your full review.

Anonymous said...

Rav, I am a Chayal Boded based in Jerusalem.I am on vacation in Tennessee, and about to plunk down a bunch of shekels on some five fingers. I used them extensivly, but had problems with smell and durability. I have literally worn through 4 pairs-classics, sprint. Which of the new models do you think is best?