Sunday, January 18, 2009

post-marathon run

Friday morning I went on my first run since the marathon.

The run was good. It was an easy 12km run through the Yishi Forest trail. Now that I am not concentrating on training for a marathon, I was actually able to enjoy, a bit, the beauty of the trail itself. Because of the light rain we have had, the trails are bursting with green.

The run was good, and I felt good. I just could not figure out how I was able to run a marathon!

I ran 12km at an average pace of 5:35/km. Then later I went back to playing at my regular Friday morning basketball game, which I dropped out of the past 6 weeks to avoid any chance of injury coming up to the marathon.

I am thinking right now that I am going to stay at low level running for a while. I will not train for another marathon, as far as I can see. I have nothing to gain by it, and I am not looking to improve my time by a few minutes. I wanted to run a marathon, and I did it. I am not looking for more.

Now I can continue running low level, as a health factor - keep the weight down, cardio, etc.

We'll see if that changes, but right now it looks like that is the direction I am going..

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