Sunday, January 25, 2009

Jerusalem Half?

Friday we went out to the beautiful trails of Presidents Forest for a 14km run. The trail was toug, as it was probably 80% uphill, and some of the uphills were serious.

As always, I ran the slowest in the group, but my pace was reasonable. because it is easy to get lost there, as all the turns look the same, the group was kind enough to wait for me whenever they were making a turn onto a different path. I did not keep them waiting long, as I was never too far back, but it was nice of them to wait.

I don't know how much I will be posting here. I think it is probably boring to review every run. I do not know what my running future is and if I will train for more marathons or not.

At this point, I am continuing running with the group. We are beginning training this week for the Jerusalem half-marathon. I will train with the group and decide later if I want to run the race. Running in Jerusalem is enticing, but I'll decide later.

If there is anything interesting to post at a later date, I will post, but I will not post reviews of every run like I did when in marathon training. So, I think if you want to keep bareast of any posts here, you should probably add this blog to your RSS reader, and then when I post anything it will come up automaticlly...


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