Tuesday, January 13, 2009

have not run yet

I am experiencing a certain amount of "post-marathon" blues right now. after being focused for so long on one goal, and now having completed that and not yet focusing on a new goal, it is normal to feel like this....

I have still not run since the marathon. I might do a short 5km run this evening. My body still needs to rest and is not ready for a real run. When I run down the block I still feel the weakness and soreness in my joints, even though generally I feel good.

Will I continue running? I still don't know. I will for now, at a much lower level. We will see how that continues. Probably once or twice a week. I will use it as a way of keeping the weight down, staying healthy, etc.

Who knows - maybe I will concentrate on 10km races instead of marathons for a while. Or maybe I will feel like 10k is not enough and I will want to do another half or even full marathon.

Or maybe I will find something else to do.

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