Monday, December 1, 2008

pre-half-marathon tempo

It is getting serious. The marathon is getting closer, and my first competition is just 10 days away, in the form of the half-marathon in Bet She'an..

Tonight was deemed a practice run for the half-marathon, and a warm-up for the marathon. It was a tempo run at 10km (plus a 2km warm-up run). We had to calculate our expected pace for the half-marathon, and run the same pace for the tempo.

I calculated my run to be at a pace of 5:30/km, considering it realistic for me to run the half-marathon in ~1:50/1:55. When I asked Chaim, he recalculated for me to run at about 5:15.

So, I ran the 2km warm-up run at 5:39/km and then the tempo was a good run of 10km at 5:12/km. My average pace for each km was pretty even, fluctuating, on average, by only a couple of seconds per km.. So the pace was good.


Neil Harris said...

I think your progress is very impressive.

Rafi G said...