Friday, December 12, 2008

No rest for the weary

After running the half-marathon yesterday, I thought we would get the day off today. Not because of over-running, as we have run more than 21km many times.
but I thought we would have the day off as kind of a reward for running the race, along with the fact that we pretty much never run 2 days in a row (officially) anyway.

Last night Coach sent us an email that half marathoners have the day off (I guess they have the rest of the season off, as they completed their goal and any running now is purely for fun/health), full marathoners have to run today.

The run was scheduled for 15km, but in the end we did 12km. That was the trail - 6 out and 6 back.

I was sore and tired after a long day yesterday, and I ran slow, but I ran.

The trail was beautiful. Coach found this trail that had all the benefits of a trail - running through beautiful views through the fields, but it was not a dirt trail. It was a paved asphalt trail. So it was also better on the joints.

I don't even know where it was. We drove about 4km north of Park Brittania, and then we turned off the road to the left on some little trail. We parked and ran the trail. The views were amazing. The air was great. And it is just a great time of day to run (6:30am). This time of year, earlier than that is a little too cold, but at 6:30 it is already starting to warm up enough...

So I ran 12km at an average pace of 5:35 /km.

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