Wednesday, December 3, 2008

dried out 13km

I just got back from a13km run. Somehow my calculations were off, because I planned it to be a 14-16km run...

My running partner came late, and I thought something had come up and he was not going to show, so after waiting a bit for him, I started the run on my own. He drove up and found me, then parked and we met at a certain point.

We ran down the Road 10 towards RBS B, then turned around and ran back. It was a good run, but at a certain point I felt like I had not hydrated myself enough pre-run, and I felt like I had dried up.

Being that we have a 36km run on Friday, I felt like the run tonight was already long enough.

So I pulled in at 13.18km at an average pace of 6:18/km. The wind was very strong tonight against us, along with the slight uphill of Road 10 back to RBS, making half the run pretty slow...

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