Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Last of the Long Runs

Today was the last of our [really] long runs. We ran to Rehovot, with no stops. We simulated the actual marathon by not having stops, but by having small water bottles placed in certain points. As you get there, you pick up a bottle, continue running, drink as much as you want, and toss the bottle aside.

Today I decided to test a run using Granola bars and Hammer Gels for energy boosts during the run. I was told it is important and highly recommended to use the gels during the marathon, so i figured I would test it on todays run. They taste repulsive. Actually the taste is not bad (I brought along raspberry and chocolate gels today), but the texture is repulsive.

They might very well have helped though. I had a good strong run, with no real depletion of energy, even though I drank much less water than usual (I did not bring my fuel belt). The water put out was hard to find in some of its locations, and we skipped them in some spots because we could not find them. Either they had been taken, as sometimes happens, or they were just too well hidden.

It was so cold when we first went out to run this morning, that we could not feel our hands after a few minutes. It took some time, but eventually warmed up.

I ran 38km at an average pace of 5:56/km. I have been declared "marathon ready".

From here on out we go into "taper mode". Our long runs will only be at distances in the high teens to mid 20s. I dont know why, but for the last 3 weeks of training we do this, and only run what is considred the minimum to keep our fitness level...

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