Friday, October 14, 2016

Running for myself

woke up nice and early and got a 13km run in this morning.

13km was longer than I had considered, and a few times I considered ending it but chose to keep going, so that was good. It was a little bit slower than expected, at 6:37mpk, but considering this was a "long" run after yesterday's "speedwork", it is not surprising.

Good running. I like this low-key running just for fitness and enjoyment and personal settling of my mind and body. I am happy to not be training for anything (I only mention it because over the past few days a few people have asked me if I am planning any races or big runs this year).. While I have said I am not training for anything but am open-minded about it if my running goes well enough, I am actually leaning towards ruling out any races (except maybe Jerusalem for charity) and just continuing running the way I am now.

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