Monday, December 27, 2010

Taper Week Starts Out Great

It looks like I am getting another taper week off to a great start. I have already run twice this week for a total of nearly 20 kilometers. And it is only Sunday!

I went out Saturday night for a short run. I ran at an easy pace, a recovery run pace, and cut it at about 8.5km.

Sunday afternoon I went out for a 10km run and ended up running about 11km. The weather weas beautiful. I went out in the late afternoon, just before sunset. The day was unusually warm, and I figured by the end of the afternoon it would start cooling down. I was right. It was already getting a tad cooler, and the breeze in the air was cool as well. The sun was starting to set in the horizon so it was not strong, and it seemed like such perfect weather for a run.

I ended up running with no watch, as the battery died shortly after I began my run. Running with no watch is pretty interesting. I end up running my best because I cannot pay attention to the watch, the time, the pace. I just run my best. My best runs have been with no watch.

I know the distances, as my run was terrain I run regularly on, so I know I ran about 11km. Pace is a bit more difficult and not accurate but based on how I ran and felt, I know I was running for about 8km about 20 seconds faster than marathon pace. It is just an estimate, but that is what it felt like.

Sunday night, nearly 20km in 2 runs. Let's see what the rest of the week has in store for me!

Israel Marathon, here I come!

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