Tuesday, December 28, 2010

24, 52, 9

I don't remember ever feeling as comfortable running as I have felt the past couple of weeks. I go out and find my stride right away. It just feels good to be out running on the road.

Today I went out running with a friend. We planned a long run, expecting between 22 and 25 km. We went out on the 375 toward Elah Junction. The first 10km until Elah we ran at a great pace. It was getting hot, but we ran hard, though we were not trying to run at any specific pace. We stopped for water at Elah Junction and then continued to Tzomet Azeqa.

When we got to Tzomet Azeqa, the place where a young David, in his days before royalty, slay his warrior of an opponent, Goliath, we turned around and headed back to Tzomet HaElah. After another quick water break we geared up for what would be a tough 10km home.

We knew it would be tough because of a combination of factors. The sun was already strong and getting hotter. The wind would be against us. Most of the terrain would be uphill, though not at a steep incline.

The run was tough. The wind was very strong and dry and made it a serious struggle, but we worked hard and plowed through.

I was completely parched by the end of it, but satisfied at a great run.

As of Tuesday morning, I have now logged 52km this week. Only 9 days left to the Israel Marathon in Tiberias!

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