Saturday, December 25, 2010

Ramped Up Taper Mode

This past week was a great week for me running-wise. With just barely 2 weeks to go until the marathon I have had my best running week in a long time. I guess "taper mode" really suits me!

I don't remember from my school days being much of a crammer. I studied a lot for tests at the last minute as well, but I was very good at doing my work and studying in a timely fashion. It seems that entering taper mode has made me realize that I only have a short amount of prep time left..

Friday was great. I did not run with the group, but chose to run a bit later in the morning. I like to run when it is a little bit warmer, so I went out at about 9 in the morning. The sun was strong, with a cool breeze.

I ran a bit more than 13 kilometers. The day was beautiful, with runners and bikers all over the place. I ran out of RBS onto Road 10, out on Highway 375 and then back. I went out as far as the entrance to Aderet and then turned around. I ran about 8 km of the run in marathon pace (really a bit faster) and felt very strong.

This was the first week in a very long time that I ran four times in the week. My total mileage for the week was 53 kilometers.

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