Thursday, August 12, 2010

First run in the Vibram Bikila felt good

Yesterday morning I went out for a run. I got out a bit later than expected.

I was excited to be trying out my brand new Vibram FiveFingers Bikila (Men's) (which I will review at a later time).

I had actually planned Wednesday morning to already be my third run of the week, and possibly to be my long run. Unfortunately, life gets in the way, and messes up all sorts of plans and schedules. Wednesday turned out to be my second run of the week, and because I got out later than expected, I wasn't able to make it a long run.

So out I am running, and it was really a beautiful morning. The run felt great, as the weather was still pleasant, with a nice breeze. I was running along Highway 375.

At about 8.5 or so km, while I was on my way back in, it suddenly got hot and stuffy. The air was suddenly thick and it became difficult to run. I completed the run at 11.5km, but the last 3 or so km were very unpleasant.

Despite that, the feet and legs felt great and I almost went out for another run of about 10km this evening, but it didnt work out.


LTC said...

Are these any more padded in the sole such that it is possible to run on a non-flat surface (i.e., one with rocks and holes)? I have found trail running essentially impossible with the KSOs.

Rafi G. said...

the sole is different on the Bikila than the KSO.
I agree, the KSO is not a solution for running trails. I tried it once, and couldnt run for 2 weeks after, my feet were in such pain.

When the Vibram site describes each shoe and what sport they are for and says "trail", it generally, I think, means soft trail and not rocky trail.

The Bikila gives better "pebble protection, and I felt the basic pebbles much less, but I dont think it is trail capable.

The sole is different, made of a different material, and treaded in certain spots. That giives better traction on the streets, for better running. But I dont think it would give enough protection for trails. You are going to have to get a shoe for trails. Go with a minimalist shoe, but it will have to be a shoe.

Anonymous said...

I disagree. It's a matter of toughening your feet up. I've been running trails in my KSOs for nine months and they involve terrain like oyster-clad rocks and shale slopes. My feet were sweet - the only limitation is your lungs.

Rafi G. said...

how long did it take for you to be able to run real trails? How sore were your feet when you started?

As I said, my experience was that on soft trails I was ok. When I ran my first rocky trail, I hurt my feet so badly, I could not run for two weeks. It even hurt me to walk. The bottoms of my feet were so sore and banged up it was painful.

LTC said...

I agree with Rafi. I pretty much can only use the KSOs on asphalt or really smooth surfaces or a treadmill. Anything else is way too painful.
BTW, is there any place in Israel that is now selling these (the Nike Free or the Vibrams)?

Rafi G. said...

Al Derech Burma near Bet Shemesh is selling a few models of the Vibrams. There are other places as well, but I dont know where.

I don't know about the Nike Free in Israel.

EF said...

Anyone know of any places in Vancouver, BC that sells the Bikilas?

Rafi G. said...

order online and have them shipped.

or you can check the Vibram site for physical store locations.