Saturday, October 2, 2010

Week #5 of 18 Summary

The holidays have really messed up the running schedule, and I have not had a regular running schedule in 3 weeks. My "kilometerage" is seriously down.

Despite that, this week was slightly better.

On Sunday I went out with a friend for an early morning run. He ran 15km and I ran 18km. It got so hot when I hit 18km that I started feeling weak and just stopped..

I was then looking forward to the group Monday night speed workout run, but that was canceled to give people time off for the holiday.

Friday was the Roglit vineyard run. This was a 30km run starting and finishing in Aviv. I started and finished in RBS, so it was 28.5km for me. The Roglit vineyard is a beautiful course and was a really good run until nearly the end when the sun wa sup high enough and the heat wave kicked in, making the uphills into RBS very difficult...

That gave me a dismal 46km for the week, and even more depressing is that that is my best week in 3 weeks...

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