Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Last night was a 10km Progression Run.

After a 2km warmup run, we started the progression run. The progression run is meant to train you to start at a slightly slower pace, and build up to a strong finish.

You begin the run by calculating your half marathon pace. That pace will be the pace you run your last kilometer during the progression. Every km has you progressively adding 5 seconds per kilometer to the run, concluding the final kilometer at your half-marathon pace.

So, I ran the 10km starting at 00:05:50 per km, and progressively adding 5 seconds to each km, ending the final km at 5 minutes per kilometer (should have been 5:05, but I ran it a bit faster).

It was a tough run - tough to keep track of the progression accurately, and tough to keep adding speed. At a certain point I thought I had hit my limit and could do no more and would have to slow down, but I seemed to find the ability to do the whole thing properly.

Totalling 12km, 2km warmup and 10km progression.

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