Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Roglit Vineyards

Friday's long run (30km) was the Roglit Vineyard course.

I started from RBS at just before 5am. I ran out to Roglit (a.k.a. Neve Michael), and added 1 km while waiting for the group. When the first group showed up, we started the Roglit course, running into Neve Michael and down into the path to the vineyards.

I had assumed the course through the vineyards would be at least partially trail, so I ran in my Nike Free Run + shoes instead of my Vibrams.

It is probably time for me to write my review of the Nike Free Run shoes, now that I have run both a short run and a long run in them, so look for that review to be coming soon.

The Roglit course starts off, after the highway running to Roglit has been completed, with a downhill run to the fields of Roglit. Then comes a long 3km uphill run which leads to a 6km downhill through the beautiful Roglit vineyards.

The trail ends up at Givat Yeshayahu, which then dumps out onto Highway 38. We had a water break at the exit of Givat Yeshayahu before heading out to the final section of the run. At that point I was at 17.5km, the rest of the group caught up then, and the initial group of runners I had run with turned around to run back for a shorter run home.

After the water break we continued on our way. By now the sun was up nice and high enough in the sky to be beating down on me and it was getting hotter and hotter.

The run out to Zechariya was fine, but then the Zechariya hill was very tough. Down to RBS, and then TZeelim's 3km uphill was murder in the heat. I had to walk a little bit of it at the end, but I made it 28.5km.

Next time I think I will kill the idea of running the Zachariya and Tzeelim hills at the end of long runs and see if I can run it the other way (375 to the 10 to RBS) whose uphills are not as will depend on the amount of kilometers needed..

This weeks long run is scheduled to be the run to Rehovot...

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