Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Yasso 800

Recent running, like my recent posting, has been spotty. That's what trying to schedule runs around holidays will do...

Last week I only found time for one run, and the week before that for two runs. So week and2 of 18 and week 3 of 18 were not great success stories.

Week 4 has begun. I missed the first run of the week, but it is the least important run anyway. I ran last night, and hope to run on Wednesday and Friday, so hopefully the schedule is getting better.

Last night was a group speed workout, as is the usual fare on Monday nights. Last night ran a routine called the Yasso 800s.

I don't have it entirely clear how it works, why it works, or if it works, but basically the idea of the Yasso 800s is that you run ten (we did 8 because it is early in the season) repetitions of 800 meters at your goal marathon pace, and then for the same amount of time run easy in before the next rep.

Someone helped me set my watch to monitor the distance, and easy run time properly. The problem was that it did not display the pace to me, so I had no idea how fast I was running. The first four reps I ran very fast (for me, obviously), and then the last four reps were slower. It is supposed to work by running all the reps at the same pace.

Anyways, despite the inconsistent pace, it was a good run, and I was wiped by the end of it.

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