Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Drop Water on your long runs!

With the shortened running week due to the holidays I had to figure out how to squeeze a long run in. I ran a recovery run Saturday night, Monday night would be the group workout night, usually some sort of a speed workout, but Wednesday was taking the slot for the long run which would usually be on Friday.

Yet I could not see how I would manage to make the time for a long run, that would take me at least 2.5 hours (25km was the schedule so maybe even a bit more than 2.5hrs) plus cool-down time, with holiday preparations as well.

I decided I would skip the Monday night workout, and run the long run on Tuesday morning instead.

The run on Wednesday was scheduled for Highway 383. We would park cars at Park Brittanica,, run out 12.5km and then run back. I didn't have to stick to that route, as I was running alone, but I decided that it is nice to try new routes every now and then rather than running the same routes all the time.

So I planned to run from my house out to the 383 (6.3km), then I ran 6.5km out on the 383, then back, totaling 25.

It would be a difficult run, with 3 serious hills. 383 is more or less flat, with just some minor hilly spots, but going out I would have the long, but not steep, incline up westward towards Zachariya. Then on the way back I would have the steep eastward Zachariya climb, and the long, and steep in sections, climb up Nahal Tzeelim from the 38 back to RBS. The real problem anticipated was the last 2, because I would hit those when already tired from the run..

Oh, and did I say I didnt take water with me? When running with the group, there are water stops - people take turns putting water out along the route before a run. But running yourself means you have to remember to do work it out yourself. I can run about 18km or so just fine with no water, but 25 is way too much.

I was fine going out - The first hill was tough but I was ok, then I ran all the way out. When I hit 12.6km I turned around and ran back. I took a break for a moment, at about the 18.5km point when I hit the end of the 383 (the intersection with the 38) right before attacking the Zachariya hill. It was already starting to get hot and I was starting to feel the lack of water affecting me. After 2 minutes, I got up and continued towards the Zachariya hill.

It was really tough. At about 2/3 of the way up I just could not continue like that and finished the hil alternating between running and walking. I was feeling parched and worn out. Almost like hitting the wall, but I still had a tiny bit in me.

When I got to the top I started running again - from there it is 1.8km or so mostly downhill towards the RBS junction. Then I ran up Tzeelim. But that was also tough. I made it up a couple kilometers, but then felt again like I was going to drop. This time I really hit the wall. For the last 700 meters of the hill I alternated again walking and running, mostly walking. When I got to the top I finished with the final 500 meters running.

So I got my 25km run in before the holiday, though I probably ran only 24.2km of it or so, and walked part of the hills at the end. Next time I have to figure out a solution for bringing water along.


Nicole said...

I have been experimenting with different hand helds, as much as I don't like to carry anything in my hands, I find it sometimes easier than getting my back pack ready for a 15 miler. For runs that get longer there are the back packs with the platypus bladders that will let you carry almost 2 liters of water on a run, and a hose that keeps you from having to worry about bottles.I worry about not having enough water when I'm out, so these are things that make me feel more secure. There are the belts that carry a bottle for you as well but I find they bother my back more. Good luck in finding your water solution.

Rafi G. said...

I hate carrying bottles, and hate running with things on my back.
also I have a belt but never really liked it. When I tried runnign with it, it would slip down my waist a lot and become uncomfortable. also, bottles would pop out while running.

you can see I dislike anything other than running plain. I think what I might do next time is carry a bottle a few kilometers, and then drop it in a bush or somewhere hidden, so it will be there for me to drink on the way back.;