Saturday, July 31, 2010

10km recovery run

I went out tonight to run 9km.

It was mostly going to be a recovery run, as I was still slightly sore from my 21km Thursday run.

I went out and was feeling the soreness right when I began. It was also so hot that I thought I might not make it past 5km. I was sweating profusely very quickly, and it was difficult to breathe. it was hot and muggy.

I started the perimeter of RBS, and when I got to the top of Yarden-Dolev, I went up to Dolev and did two cycles around Dolev. Then I went back down to yarden to finish the perimeter and finish the run. On Yarden I bumped into a friend who was running (shout out to Klompy!) who tured around and joined me for the rest of my run.

We ran down Yarkon, across Kishon, and then I turned back and ran home.

I concluded the run at 10km, despite the heat and discomfort.


Mark said...

My first visit to Life in Israel. I'm an american, living in the midwest with high heat and humidity, and I too am a marathoner. Hoping to visit Israel. Wondered if culturally it is acceptable to be running the streets at any time of day, including late at night, in nothing but running shorts and shoes. Wondering if different quarters would have differing acceptance of runners. Hope your running life continues to go well.

Rafi G. said...

it depends where you are. In most places in israel it will be fine and acceptable. It religious neighborhoods it would at best be ignored and maybe you'd get some strange looks, and at worst you might be screamed at. So it depends where you would be.