Sunday, November 21, 2010

running in the dark

In an attempt to make up for lost running, last night I ran 18km.

Running around the neighborhood a dozen or more times is not very pleasant, so against my better judgement I ran out to the highway.

In our rural area, the highways are not lit up at night, except at the intersections. As soon as night falls the highways are pitch black. That is great for going out and seeing the stars, but not great for running. But I did it anyway.

I ran across Kishon and back, to try to get a bit of mileage before hitting the highway. Then I ran up and out of RBS, out across Road 10, and out on Highway 375. After the satellites I turned around, ran back to RBS, again across Kishon and back and then concluded with a run home, totaling just over 18km.

It was a good run, albeit very dark. I ran it at about my expected marathon pace. I could not run parts of it faster, simply because of how dark it was, caution was needed. Stepping on rocks, animals, staying on the shoulder when cars were coming close, and more were all issues one must contend with when running in the dark.

Not a good idea, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

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Running Bubby said...

Oy, Rafi - not a good idea. I love to run the highways too, but they are dangerous even in the best of conditions, in full light!

Be safe!