Monday, November 15, 2010

Hitting the Low Point, And Hopefully Bouncing Back

Running has its up and downs. Pretty much every runner goes through the ups and the downs, the times where it is easy to get going and run forever with tons of motivation and inspiration, and the times where you let every ache and pain become an excuse to not run, where you find every and any scheduling conflict to avoid running.

I have been going through one of those low points the past 2, 2.5 weeks. I have run, but very little. I even had big plans, scheduling runs and all, but when the time came to actually go out and run, I kept finding excuses why I could not go at that time. The next 2-3 weeks is a crucial time for marathon training. It is the last 2-3 weeks of serious training, as we begin cutting back before the marathon after this 2-3 week period. That means I have to conclude my preparation and be ready for the marathon during the coming 3 weeks or so.

Tonight was a group run - a speed workout. The schedule called for another 800m interval run. The total run on any given night, including the warmup run, is between 11km and 12km. Because I have not been running enough, I wanted to get in a longer run, and the speed workout was less important to me.

So, I started my run earlier than the group. I ran around half the perimeter of RBS, and then up to Dolev. I did 12km of loops around Dolev, about 8 loops, and then ran back down the second half of the perimeter of RBS. I finished my run at just over 17km.

Hopefully I can keep the motivation up and get out of the low point and train properly over the coming weeks.