Sunday, January 17, 2010

6km barefoot

Last night I went on my first real run with the Vibram's. I could clearly feel the difference in my gait, as I felt like I was running much lighter on the balls of my feet rather than slapping and pounding the pavement with my full foot, heel first, as I used to in my running shoes.

I took it easy with a light and easy paced 6km run. I know it takes time to get used to and I did nto want to push it too soon too fast. I felt like I could have easily kept going for a longer run, but I cut it short as planned. 6km was the top limit I had considered running last night and I felt it smart to keep it at that limit despite my feeling like I could continue. Next time I will run longer.

So far so good.


Mark said...

I am intrigued. Does it hurt if you run over a rock? That is my overarching concern. Also, do you have an opinion about the Vibrams vs. the Nike Free?

Rafi G. said...

I cannot compare the two, nor offer an opinion on the Nike Free (or any of the other shoes out there).

The only thing I have tried is the Vibrams, and while I am still at the beginning of my adventure, so far I like them.

I chose the Vibnrams over the Frees because a) they are highly recommended and b) I dont really trust Nike. They are a shoe company and their goal is to sell shoes. With this they jumped on the bandwagon to get into the market, but their focus is shoes. Also, the Nike Free looks more like shoes. The Vibrams look pretty funky and strange, and that appealed to me as well. If I am doing something "different", it might as well stand out.

Regarding rocks, perhaps I dont have enough experience. So far the pebbles I have run on have not hurt or been a problem. Don't forget - the running gait is different because of being barefoot. i think that also affects how the pebbles and rocks hurt or dont.

Mark said...

Thanks. I admit, I have never - in 10 years of long distance running - used Nikes either. But the few things I read online was that the Nike sole was a bit thicker (maybe better for the Ya'ar Ben Shemen trails.) But the Vibrams do look funky. Any comments on sizing?

Rafi G. said...

Thats right. I forgot about that. I noticed also when I was researching that the Nike was more of a shoe. I wanted to go less, so that was another factor.

Sizing? on the Vibram website they have a guide how to measure your foot and how to choose a size. i followed their guide precisely. The whole thing is exact except for by my little toes. my little toes are small and there is too much space in their toes. I guess they cant account for everything.