Friday, September 2, 2011

Runner's Guide To Israel: Burma Road and Nachshon Nature Reserve

This morning was the last run of the off-season. Friday off-season runs are almost always trails, often trails that the group has never before run. The group scheduled a casual 14km run on Burma Road.

  1. When the group says "casual" or "easy" or anything of the sort, I know I am in trouble. i always expect it to really be a slower pace than they usually run, but it never is. With me being much slower than almost everyone else, I often get left in their dust.
  2. I have run Burma Road before, and know it is a beautiful run, and doable in my Vibram barefoot shoes.
So, I decided to join the group for this last trail run of the off-season. And it was really nice.

The group really did run a semi-casual pace, and they stopped at frequent enough stops to let the laggers like me catch up.

And, it was only partially Burma Road. We started off on Burma Road, and then hooked into the Nachal Nachshon Nature Reserve. Burma Road was as beautiful and pleasant as always, but the Nachshon Nature Reserve was really stunning. We ran through vineyards, crossed a soft-dirt field that had just been freshly turned, along a field of grass, and sheer beauty of nature and the Land of Israel. We also ran by a couple people who were using the vast empty space to fly a remote controlled airplane. They had the plane about 150 or 200 meters up in the air.

The run started northward, turned east and then we ran parallel to Highway 1 for a bit. Then we looped around back to Burma Road and back to Al Derech Burma store to shower and daven.


Anonymous said...

I have cycled on Derech Yosef Weiz from Mevaseret (under Highway 1). Is Derech Yosef Weiz the same as the Burma Road? Was Derech Yosef Weiz used to resupply Jeruslem?

Rafi G. said...

dont think so. as far as I know, Derech Yosef Weiz is a road through the Jerusalem Forest. Burma Road was the main road of the time to jerusalem. It could be they connect or cross at some point. I am not sure.