Friday, March 19, 2010

Jerusalem Half... maybe next year

The Jerusalem Half Marathon has come and gone, but I did not. Come and go, that is. I could not run it. I have a twisted ankle, and cannot run at all right now. A few more days I should be ok, but it is frustrating because I wanted to run the Jerusalem Half.

It is probably for the best, as I doubt I was ready for it anyway. I might have crashed at 18km if I actually had run it... Cramming does not always work.

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Ben Waxman said...

i ran it. it was a really great day for a run.

sorry that you weren't there. a half marathon is fun; 2 hours (plus a little) of running which is enough for a great work out without the feeling of never ending torture that is a full marathon.

tel aviv is having a race in mid may which includes a full marathon, half marathon, 10K and 4.2K. tel aviv in may is not my idea of great marathon climate, but who knows.

nir barkat was there but didn't run. i don't know why.