Sunday, September 6, 2009

Run #1 of the new marathon training season

I know I lapsed a bit and did not write about my last few runs, including a midnight run a few weeks ago from Bet Shemesh to the Kotel. That was a 40km run, at midnight, with no sleep, and without training for the distance of just under a marathon.. As well, this Friday we ran the last run of our trail series.

But Marathon Training season has officially begun. Tonight was the first run of the season. It seems weird to start the season on a Saturday night, considering Saturday night runs are always recovery runs. What are we recovering from tonight?

Regardless, I ran tonights run as part of a new Saturday night group of runners from the neighborhood. Running with a group always makes it easier and more fun.

It was kind of open-ended tonight. The schedule called for 10-12km, butthis group only planned on doing 6-8km. They added at the end to get it up to 10 for those who wanted. I dropped out after 8.5. By then we were passing my house. To go all the way around, would have required me to do another 4-5km, not just another 2km, and I had just run about 11km on Friday, along with a serious need for some lavatorial relief, so I took the first run easy and cut it short at 8.5 km.

the run was from Dolev-Dolev in RBS, down to the 10 and out to the 375. And back. and then around the RBS perimeter.

It was nice to see some new guys running. That is always inspiring.

And yes, I am still the slowest guy in the group (at least of semi-regular runners...). I don't expect that to change in the near future...

I am remaining open-minded about whether or not I will train for and run the marathon in January. That challenge is already behind me, so I am not sure I will be able to stay motivated for it. It takes a lot physically and even more so mentally. For now I am training and we shall see how it goes. I know that to do this you really have to commit yourself.

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