Thursday, July 2, 2009

Runners Guide to Israel #3: Martyr's Forest

Last Friday we ran the trail called "Martyr's Forest".

Martyr's Forest is just off the Highway 38. It is a beautiful trail leading out towards Nachal Keisalon, adjacent to Moshav Keisalon.

The plan was to run 8 or so km out, and then back, totalling about 16km.

While at first it seemed like an easy and flat trail, after just a short while the run seemed very difficult. The run out was really uphill - just a slight incline, but over time and distance you really start to feel it. I could not understand why after increasing my running so much in the past few weeks suddenly such an easy run has me running slower and feeling more tiredness in my legs.

Only after a while did I realize I felt that way because of the slight but steady incline in the run. I plugged away and made it the full 8km, even though it took me slightly longer than planned. After turning, I ran much faster and finished in more or less the time I had expected originally to finish in, completing the full 16km.

The run itself is a beautiful trail, enclosed by the woods. There were plenty of biker groups enjoying the beautiful woods as well. At points you could hear a babbling brook, but on closer inspection it seems like I could only find storm drains and no babbling brook.

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